Through their extensive 15-year history working with Derbyshire County Council's BME Forum, Links CVS determined that there was a severe lack of a service that catered to vulnerable members of the diverse communities within the BME Forum. The people who benefit from this service are vulnerable adults living with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities and their carers from the diverse BME communities. The difference our project aims to make will be far-reaching in relation to the social and health inequalities faced by these people. They tend to experience poor quality of physical health and mental well-being due to being not knowing how the "system" works (often due to language and cultural barriers), not knowing how to apply for welfare support, being socially isolated, as well as being victims of racial injustice and discrimination including race and religion hate crime. With regards to the COVID-19, we know statistically that BME communities have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. 


To support carers by sitting with the cared for person in their own home, making sure they are comfortable and safe.

To provide the carer with an opportunity for respite within or outside the home.

To give a listening ear to carers.

Why US, and why now?

This service is unique in its cultural specificity and the provision of care that is holistic - not only through standardised qualifications but also through the careful selection of sitters to suit a varied gamut of cultural needs. We at Links CVS have established rapport and relationships with the BME groups in Derbyshire that has facilitated the setting up of the service.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has laid undue stress on carers, making their duties complex as well as chipping away at their mental and physical health. 

Now is a crucial time in which to provide support and care towards these vulnerable members of our communities. We need to assist their re-entry into a post-Covid world, after a year-long isolation from what used to be 'normal' life. 

Siting Service Launch Luncheon

Sitters from the first batch of the service along with organisational committee members from Links CVS, Joined Up Care Derbyshire and Derbyshire County Council at the luncheon to celebrate the launch of the sitting service.

Some Snapshots from Our Sitting Service Launch Event

The Asian Association played host to the launch of the BME Sitting Service. The event was held at the Asian Association and was catered by our very own Saffron Kitchen!