The service is to achieve the following aims

  • Work with members of the targeted BMEcommunity to increase their understanding ofthe availability of domestic abuse support services.
  • Increase the understanding of the targeted BME community about services provided by Domestic Abuse Support Service providers and the definition of domestic abuse.
  • Increase the understanding of Domestic Abuse Support Providers& commissioners on the needs of individuals from the targeted BMEcommunity.

Service outcomes

  • Members of the diverse BME communities in Derbyshire will be more aware of the issues involved in domestic abuse and their impact on victims & children.
  • Improve the confidence of BME community members to enable them to report instances of domestic abuse and where to go for help.
  • Providers of domestic abuse services are more confident in dealing with victims from the diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Members of the diverse BME communities have access to information in appropriate community languages.

Service outputs

  • Development and delivery of 4? combined diverse cultural awareness workshops by members of the BME Forum.
  • The development & delivery of a joint training programme between the BME Forum and Domestic Abuse Support Services to empower representatives of the BME communities to signpost members to the appropriate services.
  • The development of a pilot BME Advisory Committee to meet twice with the providers toensure the principle of race equality and culturally inclusive services are instilled at a strategic level.
  • The co-ordination of promotional events to publicise domestic abuse support provisions by joining up with major cultural events.
  • The production of a multi-lingual culturally sensitive information booklet.

Special condition

  • The participating organisation must send representative(s) to attend all the bi-monthlyDerbyshire County Council's BME planning meetings to share progress and exchangeinformation with other participating organisations in the BME Domestic Abuse Support Project.