Multi-Faith Centre And Asian Association of Chesterfield and North Derbyshire


Race and Religion Hate Crime Innovation Fund
FOR A maximum of 3 months (February 2020- April 2020)

Section 143 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 provides the Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) with powers to award crime and disorder reduction grants.These classes are funded by DCC Action Grant.
The Multi-Faith Centre (MFC) is administering the Race and Religion Hate Crime Innovation Fund on behalf of the PCC.

This document is the Grant Agreement for the Race and Religion Hate Crime Innovation Fund, offering up to £2,500 grant per organisation to help support delivery of the following key outcomes in the county:

1. Raise awareness of Hate Crime.
2. Inform and encourage reporting of Hate Crime.
3. Support victims of Hate Crime.
4. Promote the Hate Crime Victim Support Services which have been commissioned by the PCC.

The project will help to deliver the above outcomes by undertaking the following outputs:

  • Participate in the delivery of a 10 week BME group partnership project (participating groups include: Links CVS, African Caribbean Community Association, Asian Association of Chesterfield and North Derbyshire, Chesterfield Muslim Association, Chesterfield Filipino Community Association, Chesterfield and North Eastern Derbyshire Chinese Elders Group and North Derbyshire Refugee Support Group).
  • Produce materials on race and religion hate crime that are culturally relevant to members of your community group and translate where necessary.
  • Organise 3 information culturally sensitive workshops with feedback opportunity.
  • Participate in the development of a pilot race and religion hate crime advocacy service. This service will train 3 community champions from your community group to provide emotional, reporting and signposting support for victims of race and religious hate crime. Produce flyer to inform your community of pilot project.
  • Provide cultural awareness information workshop for existing reporting centres and hate crime victim support services. Your organisation will share cultural practices and discuss identified barriers to improve understanding.
  • Collaborate with relevant organisations to develop accessible support services that are culturally sensitive to the needs of your community.

The outputs listed above are subject to monitoring and evaluation agreed by the project with Dr Phil Henry, University of Derby researcher, evaluating the project on behalf of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.